Boarding Your Pet Instead of Relying on Friends and Relatives

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re leaving town, especially if you have a pet. You want your animal to be healthy and happy. When you leave, your animal is likely to experience a significant amount of stress. Many people ask a friend or relative to stop by and feed their pets, but often dog boarding and cat boarding are better options.

Dog boarding and cat boarding are good solutions when you travel. Why? Good pet boarding facilities like Sonoran Desert Pet Resort are equipped to deal with animals that are experiencing separation anxiety. We have the appropriate facilities so that your beloved pets can exercise and relax.

Friends and relatives mean well when they try to help out with pets, but they can unintentionally neglect animals. They’ll take time to feed the animals, but probably won’t support the animals’ emotional needs the way a dog boarding company can. Pets need time and attention to feel secure. Dogs can easily become destructive. They can destroy furniture and other belongings. If they’re in the yard, they can try to dig under the fence and escape due to the stress. They may get into trash and eat something that makes them seriously ill.

Reputable dog boarding facilities like Sonoran Desert Pet Resort have the resources and staff to take care of your dog properly. They’ll exercise your pet and make sure the animal gets interaction. This will significantly reduce your dog’s stress. Our dog boarding staff will have a schedule for your dog that includes meal time and play time which can make the experience much less stressful.

Cats can easily get out of the house and are more likely to do this if you are away. They may run off due to anxiety and could easily get lost or injured. Even though cats seem standoffish, they have emotional needs too. They need time and attention to help minimize their anxiety while you are away. Sonoran Desert Pet Resort has dedicated areas for cats, such as individual rooms. There is an area in our boarding facility for your cat to relax and toys for exercise.

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