Daycare for Senior Dogs

If you are away from the house frequently for work or other activities, you may be worried about your dog. Animals are very attached to their owners and being away from for a long time can cause stress. You may be especially concerned about an older dog. You want to keep your pet healthy and happy as long as possible.

A doggie daycare can provide a safe, stimulating environment for your senior dog. Your pet will have constant companionship and access to plenty of water. It’s important that senior pets get adequate exercise so that they don’t become overweight. Lack of exercise can aggravate problems like diabetes or arthritis. Dog boarding facilities provide ample room for exercise and have toys that will stimulate your dog’s interest. Your dog will be active all day instead of moping at home, waiting for your return.

A good dog daycare will have a climate controlled environment; weather extremes can cause stress for older animals. A facility like Sonoran Desert Pet Resort  that has proper heating and cooling can make your pet significantly more comfortable. Your dog will also get the proper amount of exercise because he or she is not exhausted by heat or stiff from chilly weather.

When you meet with the doggie daycare staff for the first time, you’ll want to explain your dog’s temperament and health issues in detail. The dog daycare provider will probably do a personality evaluation on your dog to ensure that he or she will function well in the community dog environment. You will need to provide information from your veterinarian so the Sonoran is assured that your pet is healthy and able to play with other animals. All of your dog’s vaccinations must be up to date. If your pet has any special needs such as medication or food, please discuss them with our staff. They will let you know whether they can accommodate your animal’s needs.

One of the advantages of a good dog daycare is that the staff forms a close relationship with your pet. Often, they will notice health problems early so that you can get them resolved quickly. Your dog will bond with the doggie daycare staff members which will reduce your pet’s stress while you are away.

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