How to Keep Your Social Dog Happy While You’re Away

If you have a pet, traveling and heavy work schedules are always a concern. Some dogs are more social than others and can experience stress when they are left alone. Dogs can have extreme reactions to loneliness that can result in behavioral problems and depression. Some owners try to come home on their lunch hours or walk their dogs after work, but this might not be enough interaction for some dogs. Traveling is another problematic situation. It’s tempting to ask a neighbor to check on your dog once or twice a day, but this isn’t nearly enough socialization for most dogs.

When dogs don’t get enough interaction, they may begin to panic. Some dogs experience separation anxiety when their owners are away for a long period of time. Dog owners can feel extremely guilty when they have to leave beloved pets but sometimes, work trips or long hours are unavoidable.

Dog boarding is a great solution for keeping your dog stimulated. A good dog boarding facility is set up to help dogs get plenty of socialization while they are separated from their owners.  Before you choose a boarding company, take the time to interview the staff and inspect the whole facility. Look for dog boarding facility like Sonoran Desert Pet Resort that has a strategy for entertaining dogs. Make sure the company has enough staff to take good care of the animals.

Dogs need exercise to keep them healthy and happy. Ask the dog boarding crew how often the animals get exercise. Some dog boarding facilities have indoor dog parks which are perfect when the weather is bad. Others have large outdoor spaces. Make sure the dog boarding company does more than put the dogs in a yard for a short period of time. They should have balls, rope toys or other tools for entertainment.

Many dogs thrive in dog boarding facilities because they get the stimulation and interaction they crave. It’s important to remember that dogs are pack animals. They struggle when they are left alone because it goes against their nature. Structured interaction can make the difference between a stressed animal and a happy dog.

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