Why Do My Dog’s Ears Smell?

Do your dog’s ears ever smell bad? Are you wondering how to deal with his stinky ears? When you think about dog grooming, you probably think about washing, brushing and nail trimming. Another important part of dog grooming is ear care. Smelly ears are a common problem for dogs and can be caused by a variety of issues. These can include ear mites, bacterial and yeast infections, causing discharge as well as odor.

If you suspect that your dog has an infection, you should check with a veterinarian. Ear infections are common reasons for veterinary visits. Don’t immediately turn to home remedies like hydrogen peroxide, alcohol or vinegar. These treatments won’t fix all ear problems and can actual make some infections worse. The veterinarian can recommend an ear cleaner that will resolve the problem without injuring the pet’s ears. These ear cleaners are inexpensive and can quickly resolve the problem. Infections should be treated immediately because they cause discomfort and can cause hearing loss in dogs.

Regular dog grooming can help with ear problem. A good groomer is alert for any signs of problems with your dog. If you work with a dog grooming company that has a stable staff, the groomer will develop a relationship with your pet over time. If the groomers are properly certified, they will do an even better job of spotting issues with your pet. The groomer may notice problems like smelly ears before you do and recommend treatment. There are special ear cleaners that can be administered every one to two weeks to prevent and eliminate problematic ears.

If the dog’s ears have discharge that is dark or different in any way than normal ear wax, you should consult with your veterinarian. This is a sign that the dog has an infection that the veterinarian will need to treat. Once your dog’s ear issues are back to normal, you should inform your dog groom professional of the issue. The dog grooming professional will then carefully monitor the dog’s ears to make sure new problems aren’t developing.

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