Why the FURminator Shed-Less Treatment is Great for Your Dog

Pet owners often complain about animal shedding. It’s an inevitable fact of pet ownership. Pet fur can get on carpets, clothing and rugs – and all over your favorite black pants. People are constantly looking for solutions for removing pet hair, but removing hair is attacking the symptom instead of addressing the root problem.

Dog grooming is the best way to control your pet’s shedding. The FURminator hair removal system is designed to help you manage your pet’s hair before it becomes a problem. Regular treatments will help reduce the amount of hair you have to deal with over time. You won’t be irritated by your pet and the animal won’t get painful, uncomfortable tangles.

The reason shedding is such a problem is that many pets have thick undercoats that are often neglected. Owners brush the outer fur but don’t always pay attention to the undercoat. Sometimes the dog resists attempts to brush the undercoat. In addition to shedding, the animal can develop painful mats that have to be cut out. This can be a frustrating and difficult process. Good dog grooming can help you address all of your animal’s fur.

When you use good dog grooming services, the dead, loose hair on the animal is removed properly. The first step is a massaging bath that will relax the animal while preparing the hair for easier removal. Next, a special solution is applied to the animal. This helps loosen the pet’s fur which will make the dog grooming process easier. Finally, your pet is dried, brushed and combed. The FURminator is then used to remove hair from the undercoat. This treatment gives the pet a healthy, shiny coat that will significantly reduce the amount of hair around your home.

This type of dog grooming works well for a number of reasons. The animal is relaxed and pampered in a salon-like environment. This is a treat for the pet and is less stressful for you. Experienced dog grooming professionals are skilled at helping animals relax which makes bathing and grooming simpler. Professionals are also able to thoroughly brush the animal and remove all the hair because they are experienced with working with a variety of types of dog coats.

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